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Hi I’m Tom, otherwise known as Mr Divorce Coach.

Yes, I’m another one of those self-proclaimed life experts, but this time with a twist!

Of course I am actually a trained and certified Coach.

But more than that, I’m also a Father, Step-Father, Divorcee, Co-Parent and have a happy successfully blended family.

I have a respectful and mutually beneficial working partnership with my ex-wife… Amazing right, he has it all!

Well it wasn’t always so simple. I’ve filled out the Form E’s, the C100’s. I’ve lived through the family law courts almost my entire life.

I’ve had those acrimonious and contentious bitter thoughts, feelings and experiences towards my ex.

And I’ve learned… There is another way… A better way, for you, your ex and above all your child(ren).

So read on and find out more…

The Divorce Coaching Podcast – YouTube

Fay Petcher of FeelPositiveCoaching & I, like many met “digitally” during the UK’s first Lockdown. We both agreed that there was far too many “brand me” marketeering Coaches in the world and not enough guru’s giving back or even offering insights, snippets of tips and experiences to help the masses.

And so, the Divorce Coaching Podcast was born.

♣️🏡 Clubhouse – British Divorce Club

Clubhouse is a very innovative and fresh audio only social media channel. I run a completely FREE 1 hour LIVE chatroom on Clubhouse, every Friday at 2:30pm GMT.

Simply search for “(Union Jack Emoji) Divorce Club”.

Anyone can join the room, all are invited to speak and share their stories, experiences and knowledge.

Book your free 45-minute discovery call

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